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The main feature is the distribution Eivipeix fresh seafood, frozen selection and production.

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Wholesale Fish, seafood and frozen

Our fish, frozen seafood and high quality, which our wholesale is very high on the island of Ibiza, providing direct service to the hospitality industry. We get fresh fish daily, national and international you can have on your business.

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Our services

We offer the best fish and seafood to all points of Ibiza. Our service and quality have been built over more than 30 year.

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Our facilities

Why Us?

We freshest fish market in Ibiza, at the best price available, because Eivipeix the customer always comes first for us so we tend to have the best in our industry.

Generally our “quality” refers to the aesthetic appearance and freshness of our products at all times.
We have the best prices and quality you can find on the island of Ibiza
In Eivipeix have its own nursery where we provide the best in high quality seafood.
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Tenemos pescados mas frescos en el mercado de Ibiza, siempre al mejor precio disponible, porque en Eivipeix siempre el cliente es lo principal para nosotros por eso tendemos a tener lo mejor en nuestro sector.