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Production Process.

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Production process of our product

facilities for the conservation and development of our fish are composed of machinery with the latest innovative technology in the field of fish and frozen, which allows maintenance and development of fish and seafood always the highest quality and sanitary conditions in our facilities on the island of Ibiza. Our innovative facilities make Eivipeix is the current benchmark in the field of fish on the island of Ibiza and the company with the greatest future.

We have a warehouse with over 3,500 square meters, storing, preparing and sending the genre to our customers keeping in mind the quality of the service we provide for so many years on the island of Ibiza.

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  • Fresh Fish
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The professionals in our greatest asset Eivipeix

In Eivipeix we have the best staff team of the fish industry professionals, some of whom have been in our company for over 30 years, this is our best asset and the foundation of our success and smooth running of our company over the years in the island of Ibiza. This team is complemented its expertise with the ability to work with the highest innovative machinery and frozen fish industry with the most advanced computer systems to make everything work properly.

EiviPeix SL

Fresh Fish


We demonstrate that we are the only company with the best contacts in fish on the island of Ibiza.
Our highly professional staff in this sector, their work does everyday fish cleaning and treatment packages for distribution.
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Tenemos pescados mas frescos en el mercado de Ibiza, siempre al mejor precio disponible, porque en Eivipeix siempre el cliente es lo principal para nosotros por eso tendemos a tener lo mejor en nuestro sector.

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